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About Us

Anderson Musik

Established in 1989, we are a community-based music school offering private one-on-one music instruction.


We have been in business in the same location in the Northbrook/Deerfield area and we look forward to meeting you and help you learn to play music! We currently have 6 degreed experienced music instructors on staff to help with all of your music needs.

Our Story

Hello All Lovers of Music!

Scott Anderson formed and incorporated Anderson Musik in the summer of 1989. Our mission has always been to bring the joy and the beauty of music into the lives of all those who wish to enhance their quality of life through the learning and playing of music and musical instruments. The test of time has demonstrated what great scholars and students have sensed for millennia, that private one-on-one mentor/student learning relationships are by far the most effective means to learn a new skill, and this is especially true for music.


Currently, Anderson Musik features multiple degreed and experienced instructors, offering private one-on-one music instruction on piano, guitar, drums, voice, trumpet, flute, oboe, violin, viola, and other instruments. You or a family member may study with us for a single 10-week session or grow in music with us for 10 years, as many of our students have, from early childhood through high school. Adults and all beginning students are also welcome.


We are located at the popular Brookside Plaza in Northbrook/Deerfield, next door to the North Shore's famous Max & Benny's Deli. Lesson rooms are big, private, and feature large viewing windows, allowing for parents to sit in on lessons or view from a comfortable Barnes & Noble style seating area. As always, we offer a truly no-obligation free introductory lesson for new students, and this has been a terrific way for students and staff hit it off for many years.  


Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the Teachers

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